Video clip n.8: Loading the vehicle, sending the shipment on its way

Video clip n.8: Loading the vehicle, sending the shipment on its way

Our behind-the-scenes tour of ITALIANSPED is at an end.

For us, it’s been a great way to share valuable info and get even closer to our customers. It’s also provided an opportunity to acknowledge the expertise of our team. We hope you’ve found these bite-sized clips on the different stages of our delivery process useful. It’s been a pleasure to show you the people, the technology and the meticulous attention to detail that make us a leading logistics provider.

Let's end our journey with the last video clip, which focuses on the final phase of the outbound process: loading the vehicle.
Here, you’ll see the truck driver arriving at the loading gate with a document and the delivery number or sales order. The gate assistant checks that the shipment is scheduled and hands over the documentation that’s been prepared by the spare parts logistics team. During truck loading, photographs are taken to document how the crate has been positioned on the truck and illustrate the dimensions of the vehicle. On average, spare part shipment requires some 60 photos to document everything, from preparation of the parts to truck loading.
And in just 7-8 minutes, the shipment is ready to go.

Thank you for your kind attention!

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