ITALIANSPED is your go-to provider for both full logistical outsourcing and single-segment tasks such as: storage, warehousing and distribution logistics, full-load and groupage shipments, delivery. ITALIANSPED, EASY LOGISTICS

We are a competence centre that specialises in the manufacturing sector, relying on highly trained resources to keep pace with Smart Industry developments. We apply best industry practices to inbound and outbound Logistics operations. Moreover, we provide full Supply Chain and Shipment support, from organisation to execution, using the most advanced process technologies.

To see how expertise, attention to detail and cutting-edge technology make ITALIANSPED so outstanding, we invite you to watch the following video, which illustrates the entire spare parts shipping process in the tile sector, from collection of the goods to their loading onto the means of transport.

Ten minutes that describe our people, experience, innovation and the constant commitment that ensures our customers always receive exceptional service.


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