“Italiansped has many of the aspects of what would be my hypothetical ‘perfect company’. For example, it strives to bring out the best in everyone on the team, offers a range of benefits, has flexible working hours and allows you to work from home. But the key point, in my opinion, is that it’s staffed by helpful young people with a sharp focus on teamwork”.

The above words are those of a student at the Paolini Cassiano Institute in Imola, whose studies focus on Business Information. He wrote them at the end of a period of work experience at ITALIANSPED, from 6 to 24 February.
It’s a statement that fills us with pride as it highlights how closely our company aligns with the student’s ideal workplace. Most importantly, it underscores the success of a goal ITALIANSPED has been pursuing for some years: to get young people interested in the world of logistics and forwarding by giving them hands-on experience with the principles and notions they study at school. This offers young people a great opportunity for personal development by letting them gain their first experience in a real workplace.

This particular student participated in our day-to-day operations, engaged in various administrative tasks and was impressed by the team spirit and mutual respectfulness. He adds: “the three weeks were certainly demanding, but also extremely interesting; the 8-hour working day flew by and I feel lucky to have found a placement that was so rewarding”.

ITALIANSPED thanks all those students who decide to do their work experience here, and is proud to be recognized as a local company that offers young people valuable training and professional development opportunities. So we’ll keep on pursuing our goal by ensuring smooth continuity between in-school teaching and work experience, and by offering a worker-friendly environment characterised by professionalism and teamwork.

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